Meet Our Cadets

Liberty Battalion has Cadets from all of the world, from all walks of life, and with diverse backgrounds.  Here are some of our many outstanding Cadets.


 Every semester, Liberty Battalion Cadre select MSIV Cadets to fill various leadership positions and other positions of responsibilities, which will help give the future officers real leadership experience.  


Liberty Battalion c/Command Team for the Fall of 2020  


c/Lieutenant Colonel Emily Newell

Position: Battalion Commander

Major: Political Science

Branch: Quartermaster

High School attended: Saratoga Springs High School, Saratoga Springs, NY

Reason for joining: I was drawn to a life of service and the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Extracurricular Activities: Student Government Association, Mock Trial,  and Jumpstart








Chin Lee


Cadet Simon Chin Lee

Position: Battalion Executive Officer

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Branch: Aviation

High School Attended: The British Academy of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Reason for joining: After enlisting in the Army, I knew that I wanted to do more and make a bigger impact within the Army while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. ROTC provided me with the perfect opportunity to do both.

Extracurricular ActivitiesRanger Challenge, Wentworth Orientation Team Leader, Wentworth Veterans Club



Cadet Jack Emerling

Position: Command Sergeant Major

Major: Political Science, Minor in History

Desired Branch: Military Intelligence w/ branch detail Infantry

High School AttendedSalem Academy Charter School, Salem, MA

Reason for Joining ROTC: Joined for love of country, adventure, family heritage and as a personal challenge

Extracurricular Activities: In the past I’ve been involved with; intramural sports, Husky Ambassadors, Phi Beta Kappa (Political Science Honor Society), part-time work, and volunteering. Through ROTC, I’ve been to Jordan with Project GO and Senegal with the CCWP program. I’ve completed co-ops with the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security and with Fallon Ambulance as an EMT.


MSIII Cadet Nicole Kaemer

Major: Combined Communications and Media and Screen Studies

Desired Branch: Military Intelligence

High School attended: Oceanside High School, Oceanside, NY

Reason for joining: I joined because I wanted to serve my country in some capacity and when I tried it out, I fell in love with the program and found that the Liberty Battalion Cadets and Cadre were people I wanted to surround myself with

Extracurricular Activities: Ranger Challenge, Chi Omega Sorority, Howlin’ Huskies Productions, Color Guard






MSIII Cadet Kayla Spellenberg

Major: Composition 

Desired Branch: Medical Services

High School Attended: North Reading High School, North Reading MA

Reason for Joining ROTC: I joined the MAARNG and AROTC to be part of something greater than myself. 

Extracurricular Activities: Berklee Society of Composers, Berklee Spontaneous Composition Ensemble


MSIII Cadet Caitlin McCollom

Major: Nursing

Desired Branch: Nurse Corps

High School attended: Brussels American School; Brussels, Belgium

Reason for joining: Originally, I was inspired to join the military since I grew up as a military child.  Once I figured out that I wanted to become a nurse, I found that joining Army ROTC would be the perfect way to achieve my goals!  From Army ROTC, I hoped to gain confidence in myself as an individual and a leader, as I am challenged in so many ways on a daily basis.

Extracurricular Activities: NEU Student Nurses Association, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Weekly Volunteer at Franciscan Children’s Hospital



Kendall Smith

MSIII Cadet Kendall Smith

Major: Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Desired Branch: Military Intelligence

High School Attended: Stuttgart High School, Stuttgart, Germany

Reason for joining: I wanted to continue to be apart of the military community after living on military bases my entire life. And I also wanted to join my other family members who served/are currently serving in several branches of the armed forces.  

Extracurricular Activities: Suffolk Women’s Tennis, First Year Teaching Assistant, and High School AVID Tutor


MSII Cadet Tommy Bushway

Major: Cyber Security

Desired Branch: Signal Corp

High School Attended: Wachusett Regional High School.

Reason for joining ROTC:  I joined ROTC to advance in my Army career, as an enlisted soldier in the Army Reserve I viewed ROTC as a great way to stay on top of both personal fitness and basic Army skills while attending college as well as a fantastic opportunity to advance my leadership skills. 

Extracurricular Activities: Ultimate frisbee club, WIT Vets Club, Lab assistant to the Civil Engineering Department, Signal Support Specialist in the Army Reserve.  

Kayli Ko

MSII Cadet Kayli Ko

Major: Elementary Education and Applied Psychology

Desired Branch: Unsure

High School attended: West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, Plainsboro, NJ

Reason for joining: I thought it would be a great way to gain leadership skills and I want to ultimately be a part of something bigger than myself that could help those around me. 

Extracurricular Activities: Ranger Challenge, Equestrian Club, Swing Dance and Boston College Neighborhood Center Tutoring Program

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